Initially, Terry L. Dismore was pursuing her professional career as a health care administrator at a prestigious New York hospital. After the birth of her children, however, her focus and disposition yielded to the call of motherhood. Terry recently moved from New York to a small town in North Carolina. Her home is surrounded by a forest, providing the perfect idyllic surroundings in a picturesque community bursting with nature, which is perfect for dreaming and writing. In her leisure time, she likes to take long walks, solve puzzles, travel, read, eat ice cream, watch romance movies, and dance like no one is watching.

Terry has a master’s degree in Elementary Education and a New York state certification in Education Administration and is a certified DreamBuilder Coach. She has more than thirty years’ experience as a parent. For thirty-six years, she worked with a diverse population of students and parents. Terry has a passion for workshop curriculum, developing and implementing parent-based lectures. Terry’s workshop topics are formulated from her thesis, “Parental Involvement and the effects linked to Academic Achievement,” and bridge the gap between home and school, fostering academic excellence, social development, parental involvement, empowerment, and encouragement for everyone.

Terry is ready to lead the way in a discussion highlighting the pivotal role women play in today’s society while raising children. She appeared on a parenting edition of 20/20; has received awards for workshop presentations; has developed mentoring programs, community tutorial services, international programming for cultural awareness, museums created for children by children, and a science research program; has provided children’s books for a library in Africa; and more.

Becoming a new mom was nervous and puzzling for Terry, and she realized that everything comes with instructions except children. When her parenting journey began, there was little to no information. Terry’s quest was always to provide her children with the best tools possible for them to do well in school and in life.

Her philosophy and mission statement have been honed and refined over the years while she raised three children and worked with students and parents in a diverse community. She comes to serve parents and children with the hope of a better future. That future begins with you.

Terry refers to herself as your ME (motivational encourager), guide, and certified DreamBuilder Coach. Writing Calling All P.A.R.E.N.T.S. was emotionally cathartic and life-affirming for her. You’ve invited to join her in leadership, purpose, vision, and commitment to a better future. She has a driven desire and mission for the best possible outcome for families.

She is doing what mothers do best, and that is to share information for the good of us all. Calling All P.A.R.E.N.T.S. is a resource of information for increased parental awareness and involvement.